So I realized that after a few rounds of upgrades, I don't have any kind of optical media reader in the house. Which is a shame because I have still a few music CDs I'd like to either rip or just listen old-style (I have a turntable hooked up to some speakers, and I kinda like the physical experience).
I found some old DVD players that had this nifty feature of ripping a CD to MP3 directly to a USB stick. I could use that as an alternative to a CD input source, but the problem is they all expect a TV hooked up in order to get any kind of controls.So I thought perhaps I could build my own "ghetto" CD player that could also rip CD to WAV/MP3. I have an old raspberry pi around, plus an 2-row LCD screen, switches, buttons etc. If I find a nice USB-powered CD reader I could probably get something up and running in a weekend. If I could use that on my Mac to write CDs for the car that'd also be nice.Thoughts? Perhaps I should post this to A/V or DIY forums?

Please help.

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